Sales Deck for Smart Resourcing on Demand

Case Study: Smart Resourcing on Demand – Transforming Sales Deck for Client Acquisition

About the Client:

Smart Resourcing on Demand is a company that offers procurement, legal, and commercial services to ensure clients have a fully comprehensive delivery system to achieve higher win rates. They were looking for an experienced Presentation Designer to help them transform their dull slide deck into a winning Sales Deck.

Problem: Creating a Dynamic Sales Deck

Smart Resourcing on Demand faced challenges in effectively presenting their unique solutions to potential clients. Their existing sales presentations lacked professionalism and failed to showcase their unique offerings convincingly. They needed a fun-style Sales Deck Presentation with illustrations but with a super professional look. Their existing slide deck looked like this.


Before Version of Sales deck: Smart Sourcing

Solution: Crafting a Winning Sales Deck Presentation

To address their needs, our team undertook the task of designing a compelling Sales Deck aimed at impressing potential clients and closing deals.

We began by thoroughly understanding the company’s objectives and studying its existing sales deck and brand guidelines. This enabled us to tailor each slide with a professional, visually appealing design while ensuring alignment with their branding. Our skilled designers crafted custom visuals that would resonate with potential clients and provide clarity about the company’s vision. The final version of their sales presentation looked like this:

Sales Deck : Smart Resourcing


The final Deck Presentation we delivered for Smart Resourcing on Demand was visually stunning and conveyed a concise yet impactful message to prospective clients. It effectively highlighted the company’s unique solution, process, and deliverables associated with each phase, keeping clients engaged and interested in their services.


Our commitment to delivering high-quality work translated into tangible success for Smart Resourcing on Demand, as they hope to secure numerous new clients with this Pitch Deck, contributing to their remarkable growth. The partnership resulted in a significant positive impact on their business.


The client was highly satisfied with the outcome, expressing their appreciation and commitment to hire us again in the future for all of their design needs.


Our collaboration with Smart Resourcing on Demand proved to be a success story, and we take pride in playing a pivotal role in their achievements. We are dedicated to delivering exceptional work and empowering our clients to achieve their business objectives.

If you require assistance with your sales presentation or pitch deck or want to take your business to new heights, contact us today to embark on a journey toward excellence.

Feel free to explore our portfolio to witness the impactful work we can deliver for your business. We look forward to hearing from you today 🙂

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