Marketing Presentation for Guestio

Case Study: Guestio – Empowering Podcast Booking with a Streamlined Marketing Presentation

About the Client:

Guestio is a trailblazing platform that revolutionizes the process of finding and booking guests for podcasts. With a mission to eliminate hassles and headaches, they offer an all-in-one solution that simplifies the booking process, eliminating the need for endless email chains and frustrating tech stacks.


Guestio sought to enhance their marketing efforts and highlight its platform’s seamless experience. They needed a compelling marketing presentation to effectively communicate their unique value proposition and drive adoption among podcasters. Their existing presentation was unpolished; the message was unclear and lacked the right visuals. It looked like this:

Before Version of the deck Guestio : Marketing Presentation


Our team took on the challenge of crafting a persuasive marketing presentation that would showcase Gestio’s platform as the ultimate solution for hassle-free podcast guest booking.

First, we thoroughly understood Gestio’s brand identity and value proposition. We then conceptualized a presentation that would resonate with their target audience – podcast hosts seeking a better way to book guests.

Each slide was meticulously designed to represent the simplicity and efficiency of the platform visually. Custom graphics and visuals were created to capture the attention of potential users and drive home the message of a user-friendly, all-in-one solution.

Result: The marketing presentation for Gestio proved to be a game-changer. It effectively communicated the platform’s benefits, presenting it as the go-to solution for podcast hosts looking to streamline their booking process.

The visuals and compelling messaging resonated with the target audience, generating increased interest and engagement. The seamless flow of information within the presentation mirrored the seamless experience Gestio promised to deliver.


Guestio was highly impressed with the final outcome. They lauded our team’s intuitive approach and prompt, professional work, leaving us with positive feedback, stating, “They were extremely helpful, and their design was perfect. Met the standard of our vision and brand guidelines.”


Our collaboration with Gestio resulted in a successful marketing presentation that effectively conveyed the value of their platform to potential podcast hosts. We take pride in playing a part in empowering Gestio to attract more users and streamline the podcast booking process.

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Marketing Presentation for Guestio


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