Touching Up

Our years of hands-on experience and attention to detail help us detect and fix small errors that you don’t see. So our touching-up service will make your slides look professional and perfect.

Complete Revamp

It’s a great option for you if you want to see magic on your slides. We will revamp your slides to make them visually appealing, on-brand and consistent.

Custom Template

We can develop a fully functional PowerPoint template for you so you or your team can easily use it to create branded slides quickly without any design errors.

Recreate Graphics

We will convert rough graphics into perfect, powerful and professional-looking graphics that will be fully editable in PowerPoint. This is applicable to any Graphics in image format.

Resume Design

You don’t have time to type the content of your presentation or provide us a visual example of something you need? Just draw it on a page, capture photos and send us. We will

Need something else

We can also help you with one-pager, flyer, banner, brochure, business card, resume etc. So for any graphic design needs, just ping us and we would be happy to assist.

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