Investor Pitch Deck for UMI

Case Study: Urban Mining International – An Investor Pitch Deck that Raised $1.4 Million

About the Client:

Urban Mining International is a pioneering force in the realm of E-waste management. They specialize in providing cost-effective and governance (ESG) friendly solutions for recovering precious metals from electronic waste. Urban Mining International’s mission is to transform E-waste into a sustainable source of valuable resources. So they were looking for an investor pitch deck designer to revamp their raw presentation.

Problem (Need for an investor pitch deck expert):

Urban Mining International recognized the immense potential in their ESG-friendly precious metals recovery solution. However, to bring their vision to life and revolutionize the E-waste industry, they needed the necessary funding. That’s why, they required a compelling pitch deck that could effectively convey their innovative approach to potential investors.


Our task was to create a pitch deck that would serve as a powerful tool for Urban Mining International to attract the funding they needed to accelerate their mission. We embarked on a journey to craft a pitch deck that would effectively communicate the value of their E-waste recovery process.

To begin, we thoroughly analyzed Urban Mining International’s unique approach to E-waste management and their potential impact on the environment and sustainability. Having understood their business, we carefully designed the pitch deck making each slide in line with their brand and clearly conveying their vision.

Each slide was thoughtfully curated to deliver Urban Mining International’s key messages concisely and persuasively. Purposeful visuals, premium graphics, and compelling content were incorporated to ensure the pitch deck not only informed but also inspired confidence in potential investors.

Result ($1.4M raised with the investor Pitch Deck):

The investor pitch deck for Urban Mining International emerged as a transformative asset. It effectively conveyed their innovative approach to recovering precious metals from E-waste in an ESG-friendly manner. The presentation showcased their commitment to sustainability and their potential to disrupt the E-waste industry.

The visually appealing design, coupled with persuasive content, left a profound impact on potential investors. The pitch deck played a pivotal role in helping Urban Mining International raise $1.4 million in funding, empowering them to pursue their mission of sustainable E-waste management.


Urban Mining International expressed their satisfaction with the pitch deck with this short comment before they presented the deck in front of the investors.

“Great. Delivered quickly and professionally”

Their feedback underscored the success of our approach in helping them secure the funding they needed.


Our collaboration with Urban Mining International resulted in a successful pitch deck that effectively communicated their innovative approach to E-waste precious metals recovery. We successfully showcased their commitment to sustainability and their potential to revolutionize the industry. Thus we played a crucial role in helping them secure $1.4 million in funding to further their mission.

If you’re seeking to attract investors and convey the value of your innovative solutions, Urban Mining International’s journey is proof of our proficiency. Contact us today to embark on a journey toward creating impactful pitch decks and achieving your fundraising goals.

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