Branded PowerPoint Template

Case Study: Intelliboard – Expediting Presentations with a Branded PowerPoint Template

About the Client:

Intelliboard, a leading Learning Analytics Platform, empowers organizations to harness the potential of their data. Their platform is designed to drive actionable insights from data, offering powerful predictive modeling to help achieve retention, engagement, and compliance goals. So they were in need of a Branded PowerPoint template for their company.

Problem (Need for a Branded PowerPoint Template):

Intelliboard sought a branded PowerPoint template to align with their unique identity and streamline their presentation process. They had previously engaged another PowerPoint Template Designer for this task but were not satisfied with the final outcome. They approached us to develop a versatile PowerPoint template that could accelerate their presentation efforts.


Our mission was to create a custom PowerPoint template that would perfectly encapsulate Intelliboard’s branding and serve as a multipurpose tool to expedite their presentation processes. So we started working on this mission with a commitment to delivering an exceptional PowerPoint template that will not only be inline with the client’s branding but also have all the custom slide layouts they need.

To commence, we closely examined Intelliboard’s branding, identity, and the need for specific slide layouts they need. Armed with a comprehensive understanding, we carefully crafted a PowerPoint template that adhered to their brand guidelines while ensuring flexibility for various presentation needs.

Eventually, each slide layout was thoughtfully designed to seamlessly integrate with Intelliboard’s branding. We focused on visual consistency, engaging layouts, and adaptable placeholders to enable effortless slide creation.


The custom PowerPoint template for Intelliboard emerged as a transformative asset. It perfectly encapsulated their brand identity and provided a user-friendly platform for creating impactful presentations. This multipurpose template significantly expedited their presentation processes and enhanced their overall professional image.


Intelliboard expressed their utmost satisfaction with the custom PowerPoint template, highlighting its effectiveness in streamlining their presentation workflow and adhering to their branding guidelines. Thus, they were pleased with the improved efficiency and professionalism it brought to their presentations.


We collaborated with Intelliboard to create a branded PowerPoint template that seamlessly aligned with their branding and accelerated their presentation processes. By delivering this versatile tool, we played a pivotal role in enhancing their overall presentation efficiency and professionalism.

If you’re seeking to streamline your presentations and maintain brand consistency, Intelliboard’s journey showcases our proficiency. Contact us today to embark on a journey toward creating impactful PowerPoint templates that elevate your presentations.

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Branded PowerPoint Template


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